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The meeting will be led by top professionals whose expertise is in discovery and use of molecular data to improve health. More than 80 international experts will lead parallel sessions in the following tracks:

Track 1. Medical Genetics Track: cancer genetics, genetics of rare diseases, cardiovascular and other chronic disease genetics, longevity genetics,
pharmacogenetics, and implementation of genetics in clinical practice.


Track 2. Detection Track: biobanking, biomarkers in disease detection, molecular PRS (polygenic risk scoring), molecular insight into chronic disease
screening policies, including genetic germline screening in different phases of life.


Track 3. Therapeutics Track:  transitioning from a “one size fits all” therapeutics model to a model that is individualized based upon actionable molecular events detected in tissue and/or circulating space. In this track we will discuss the implementation of proven biological drivers and their molecular-driven treatments.

The conference is thus geared towards translational biologists, geneticists, genetic counsellors, bioinformaticians and statisticians and clinicians of all medical fields with emphasis on cancer sciences. Professionals in these fields are encouraged to register to this unique event.

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Dead Sea


Conference 11-13 October, 2023

Open to all participants

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