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 You are invited to register to a unique meeting on precision medicine, which will take place October 2023, Dead Sea, Israel.


The meeting will be led by top professionals whose expertise is in discovery and use of molecular data to improve health. More than 100 international experts have already approved their participation. Parallel sessions, led by these experts, will be conducted in the following tracks:

• Cancer genetics (represented by all international significant site-specific consortia)

• Cardiovascular and other chronic diseases genetics

• Genetics of rare diseases

• Pharmacogenetics

• Longevity genetics

• Biobanking, nomenclature, bioinformatics

• Translational genetics (understanding the use of genetics and genetic tests by health care professionals and its implementation in the population)

• Biomarkers in disease detection

• Molecular- and PRS (polygenic risk scores)-driven screening for early detection of disease

• Ethics in genetics

• Gene- and biomarker-driven cancer treatments


Who should consider attending?


Professionals in the fields of medical genetics, medical oncology, genomics and molecular sciences, genetic counseling, social sciences, physicians, and health system managers. 

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